Our clients have trusted us for decades:
At Cleantime we know the value of trust and earn it each and every day. Our client longevity and over 50 years experience speaks volumes for our staff and pride in workmanship. Our clients have many choices when it comes to their janitorial and building maintenance needs and year after year they choose Cleantime, shouldn't you? Call today!

What our clients have to say:
"Since 1995 Cleantime has been giving us great service. They are always on time and very thorough. Thanks Cleantime, I would recommend you to anyone."
- Lisa D. Farmers & Merchants Bank

"We switched to Cleantime over 20 years ago and only positive things to say about them."
- David L. Weber Metals

"Over the years, we have had many emergencies in our buildings, some in the middle of the night. One call to Cleantime and everything is handled"
- Peggy l. City of Paramount

"In the food industry, having a clean facility isn't just nice, it's vital. Cleantime has always made sure our facilities are clean, fresh and sanitary"
- Ryan S. Santa Monica Seafood
Cleantime is much more than just a basic cleaning service. We offer complete janitorial solutions for your home, apartment building or office. From regular sweeping and vacuuming to building maintenance to emergency cleaning, we can accommodate almost any need you may have. Our extensive array of services and commitment to customer satisfaction makes us one of the premier janitorial services in the Long Beach region.
Office Cleaning - Daily, Weekly or Monthly
We clean on your schedule when it’s convenient for you, so we’ll never interfere with your regular business operations.

Day Porter Services
Whether you have a major accident in the hallway or you just need your office trash emptied, we can handle the daily clean-up tasks that keep your business running smoothly.

Restroom Sanitation
No one likes a dirty restroom; we’ll enhance your comfort by making your toilets, urinals and sinks spotless.

Interior Window Cleaning
Clean windows let in more natural daylight, enhancing productivity by improving the moods of office personnel.

Exterior Window Cleaning (single story only)
To get the maximum benefit from interior window cleaning, the outside must be cleaned too; for this reason, we’ll clean the exterior of all of your first story windows.

Carpet Cleaning
Even regular vacuuming cannot extract all of the soil that finds its way into your carpet; our thorough cleaning techniques will collect the dirt the vacuum misses.

Floor Sweeping and Vaccuming
Floors are generally the ultimate depository of all of the dirt in your office environment; thus, floor cleaning is perhaps the most critical task we perform.

Floor Waxing
We can extend the life of your floor and greatly enhance its shine with our waxing treatment.

Ceiling and Wall Cleaning
While dirt tends to gravitate downward, even ceilings and walls can collect it given enough time; if you’ve never had these surfaces cleaned, you may be surprised by how much it can brighten a room.

Light Bulb Maintenance
Dirty fixtures can reduce the effectiveness of your indoor lighting substantially; we’ll clean your fixtures and replace any burned out bulbs.

Building Maintenance
Whether it’s worn-out air filters or peeling paint, we can handle all of the little fix-it jobs required to keep your facilities functioning at peak performance.

Cleantime Janitoiral - Commercial Cleaning Services