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Providing Trusted Janitorial Services to Long Beach and Surrounding Areas for Over 56 Years!

Cleaning is a necessary function of every business. A clean workspace says a lot to your clients and your employees about your business. There are many great reasons to outsource office cleaning tasks including savings of both time & money and freeing up your employees to focus on growing your business instead of cleaning tasks. Unfortunately, many companies that have outsourced cleaning services have been disappointed in the services they received. At Cleantime we offer commercial cleaning services you can trust because we listen to our customers. We can confidently say that after over 56 years in the industry our methods have a proven track record in customer satisfaction.

Janitorial Services

Our janitorial services are tailored to fit your companies needs. Whether you need cleaning services daily, weekly or have special requirements related to your business model we are ready to help.

Construction Cleanup

Our construction cleanup services are prompt, reliable and thorough. The cost savings associated with outsourcing post construction cleanup is only realized if the work meets your timing and standards. We ensure you realize those cost savings by meaningfully partnering with you to get the job done.


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