Commercial Disinfecting Services: Staying Safe and Healthy

Keep Your Facility Healthy & Safe

Traditional cleaning removes germs and dirt from surfaces, lowering their numbers and risk of spreading infection, however cleaning alone does not actually kill germs and virus. To ensure a healthy and safe workplace disinfecting with EPA-registered disinfectants that kill germs and viruses is required.

We Offer Disinfecting Services Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Manual Disinfecting – Ideal for targeted disinfecting of high touch areas (door knobs/handles, light switches, etc.) on a routine basis and/or high traffic areas where disinfecting is needed on an on-going basis throughout the working day (Day Porter). EPA approved disinfectants are applied manually onto surfaces and wiped down.

Clorox® Electrostatic Disinfecting – Ideal for complete disinfecting of all surfaces on a routine or as needed basis.

Clorox EPA approved disinfectants paired with the Clorox® Total 360® electrostatic sprayer delivers more uniformed, wraparound coverage than anything on the market today.

How long does this disinfection services take?


The time needed to treat your location depends on the size, the total areas that requires disinfecting and the amount of fixtures/furniture. Generally, most sites can be completed within 1-2 hours.

How soon can a treated space be re-entered?

Re-entry is safe after 5 minutes.

Is the Clorox solution safe on electronics (i.e. computers, keyboards) and fabric/carpets?

Yes. The Clorox solution delivered through the electrostatic sprayer is completely safe for use on electronics and fabrics.

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